Mum jokes she’s ‘failed as a parent’ after receiving daughter’s Christmas list

A mum posted a hilarious video of her daughter’s Christmas wish list on TikTok and people were left in stitches at her high-end demands – leaving Santa with a lot of work to do

One mum left people in stitches after showing what her daughter had requested after asking her what she wanted for Christmas

The iconic child returned with a very long list – so here’s hoping Santa’s elves are willing to do overtime this year.

The requests went viral after her mum shared the iconic list on TikTok – with many admitting that they hoped the little girl achieves her dreams.

Her mum, actress and podcaster Sara Foster shared the hilarious list with the caption: “This is what failing as a parent looks like.”

She added in the video: “When I was 11, I asked for a fricking cabbage patch doll,” and joked that her 11-year-old is “apparently 35.”

Father Christmas needs to make sure he has a big sack when delivering to the Foster’s this year as the girl has big demands.

There are the usual popular requests that pre-teens desire, such as clothes from Brandy Melville and new sweaters.

It continues with some highbrow beauty products, including Dior Addict lip glow oil, a Vivienne Westwood pendant, Miss Dior perfume and some Marc Jacobs perfume.

The cheeky child carefully listed her top ten items – just in case her parents couldn’t choose from her lengthy four-page list.

Top of the list is Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume – which retails for £60, followed by a bottle of Miss Dior perfume, which retails from £59.

Then the 11-year-old has also requested a mini Prada shoulder bag – that start retailing at a pricey £690, followed by a request for two Dior lip products.

She’d also like some red converse shoes, bedsheets, Vivienne Westwood and a few outfits and of course, a new iPad.

Her mother showed off the hilarious list on TikTok, where she explained: “So I was like ‘oh that’s cute’, Vivi’s little Christmas list..a couple of Brandy Melville outfits.

“Not realising that it is three pages…” before listing some of the pricey items her pre-teen fancies under the tree this year.

She added: “What is this? Is this a trend? Where is this coming from?,” before adding: “This is insane.”

Viewers were left in stitches, with one commenting: “She’s so reasonable.”

Another joked: “I too would like a mini Prada shoulder bag,” while a third added: “Time to teach her about money.”

“When I was 11, I was asking for the newest Barbie doll and I thought that was a lot.”