Woman left in stitches by mum’s response after her brother becomes a dad

A woman on Twitter couldn’t stop laughing after her mum took to the family group chat to complain about spending – just moments before her son became a first-time dad

Family group chats are often a hilarious mess of mistimed messages and younger family members poking fun at the older ones who don’t understand memes.

But one woman on Twitter has been left in stitches by a particular message sent by her mum in her family chat, as she had completely failed to read the room.

Becca Moore, who posts under @beccamoore, shared a screenshot of the group chat which showed messages between herself and her brother, Jordan, who was at the hospital with his partner as she was going into labour.

And while Becca was ready to congratulate Jordan on becoming a first-time dad, their mum – listed in Becca’s phone as “Mom A” – was more interested in the status of her Amazon Prime Video account.

The first text on the screen was from Jordan, and it read: “At the hospital now!”

To which Becca replied: “I’m so excited! Did you ask again if we can come?”

Jordan then told his sister that “nobody is allowed to come” but insisted there “will be a lot of pictures” of the tot’s first days in the world.

The siblings’ mum then interjected to say: “Guys, why am I being charged for a Prime Video? I might cancel Prime sooner than I thought.”

Alongside the picture, Becca explained more of the situation.

She wrote: “My brother is having his first child this morning. But more importantly, someone rented a movie!”

In a follow-up tweet, the woman also confessed she was the one behind the Amazon Prime Video rental.

She added: “Fine. It was me who rented the movie. No-one tell her please.”

Becca’s tweet has since gone viral, and people can’t stop laughing at her mum’s impeccable sense of timing.

One person wrote: “This shouldn’t have been this funny.”

While another added: “Your mum is iconic!”

And a third joked: “She already had kids, so I mean it’s kind of understandable that the Prime Video s**t is more important.”

Other commenters found the situation relatable, as they said their parents act in exactly the same way in their own group chats.

Someone said: “That’s 100% how my mother is in the group chats.”

As another posted: “My mum does the same thing!”