Man left fuming after uncovering secret behind Cadbury’s Christmas Santa

The eagle-eyed chocolate lover noticed an unusual detail on the supermarket’s festive offerings this year, and took to social media to express his outrage towards Cadbury

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – where we are filled with the Christmas spirit.

Once again, the supermarkets are laden with festive treats – from turkey sandwiches to the annual tins of chocolate sweets.

But one chocolate lover has uncovered a ‘dirty secret’ – and he’s taken to social media to spread the word.

Foodie Jarrod Bell was left reeling after he checked out Cadbury’s foil-wrapped chocolate Santa Claus range.

The Australian pointed out a startling similarity with the chocolatier’s Easter bunny’s – and accused Cadbury of simply wrapping the bunnies in Christmas foil.

In a viral TikTok, he took on the chocolate makers – as he pointed out the similarities between the Santas and Easter chocolate.

“So Christmas chocolate is all the rage, but see these chocolates here.

“Now is it just me or is that very clearly the Easter bunny mould with a picture of Santa on,” he asked viewers in the video while holding on to the festive treat.

“Cadbury, what the hell are you doing?”, he continued, clearly outraged.

He ended up taking his research further by buying one of the Santas to test his theory.

After taking it home, Jarrod rips the wrapper off in front of the camera, before declaring victory, as he crows: “This is very clearly a rabbit shape that Cadbury thinks can fool us with this Santa garb,” he argued.

“Like that’s very clearly not Santa. That’s a rabbit.”

Lots of viewers thanked the man for his attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery, with one commenting: “Thank you for exposing the truth.”

Another added: “Cadbury spring for a new mould.”

A third added: “I said the same thing when I saw them”

But others weren’t so convinced.

‘You have to get rid of the Easter Chocolate somehow,’ one woman argued.

“Lindt does it too with their bunny and reindeer,” revealed another.

A third wrote: “They have always been like that at least I know of.”